Our Story

Alpine and Sea was born out of necessity more than anything else. 
Your skin can’t get a whole lot drier than when you’re living at 2500 metres above sea level in a ski town in Utah. The snow at Park City in the Rocky Mountains is famous for being the driest powder snow on Earth, the only problem with that is that my skin felt just as dehydrated. Over four years of living there (I grew up in Chicago) – combined with constant international air travel marketing the ski town to the world – meant I’d never had a harder time trying to look after my skin. Ski towns have a habit of aging people fast if they're not careful (maybe that's got something to do with the apres ski options too!).  
I didn’t want my skin to look old and worn out before it's meant to. But regular skin care products were giving me reactions from harsh, synthetic ingredients (even skin care products marketed as natural and organic were often anything but). I couldn’t find a single natural skin care product that suited my skin. 
So I decided to make my own. I experimented with every natural product imaginable… and then some, till I came up with the formulas that worked.  
Moving to Currumbin on the Gold Coast presented me with a whole new challenge: the salt water of the Pacific combined with the harshest sun on Earth. So we’ve come up with a product designed for the harshest elements on the planet.